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Ladies High Waist Women Underwear Back Panties

Black and grey/sapphire blue/black
Burgundy/Orange/Dark Pink/Peach/Light Pink
Fruit green/black/purple purple/black grey/sapphire blue
Light pink/peach red/sapphire blue/purple purple/wine red
Precious purple/wine red/orange/dark pink/peach
Royal Blue/Black Grey
Sapphire blue/dark pink/precious purple/pink/wine red
Wine red/black/purple purple/black grey/sapphire blue
Wine red/purple/black/black/sapphire blue
black grey/black
black grey/purple/sapphire blue/light blue/white
black/black grey/purple purple/wine red/sapphire blue
black/black grey/sapphire blue/purple purple/wine red
black/dark pink/orange/yellow/light blue
black/pink/light blue/purple/white
black/pink/yellow/peach/fruit green
black/purple/sapphire blue/black grey/white
black/purple/white/sapphire blue/wine red
pink/yellow/fruit green/purple/light blue
white/black grey/black/purple purple/wine red
white/black grey/black/purple/purple
wine red/peach/fruit green/pink/yellow

✦Skin-friendly fabric: cotton women's underwear is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Women's high-waisted panties are perfect for everyday wear. Soft and skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable

✦Elastic waistband: Bilateral waist protection, widened waist circumference, double-layer care, elastic stretching, long-lasting non-deformation, full of elasticity but not restrained. No lean feeling, comfortable to wear, suitable for more people.

✦Elastic fabric-covered waistband: The soft, elastic double-layer fabric-covered waistband is located below the navel. No rolling or squeezing. The underwear is high waist, but not too high. Provides slight abdominal support and a good soothing sensation

✦Super cute color: comfortable full back cover panties, wide crotch, very suitable for postpartum caesarean section/hysterectomy recovery, because they are high waist, very slight abdominal control, and provide a good soothing feeling. It is also very suitable for matching dresses/high-waisted jeans.

✦Washing tips: wash in cold water for longer performance. (Maximum: 30°C). Wash by hand or machine with a laundry bag. Dry at low temperature.

Ladies High Waist Women Underwear Back Panties